Lok grips: better grip for less

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When searching for new grips for ANY gun, the first place I suggest is LOK Grips. They currently make grips for all variations of 1911’s, Sig 238 & 938, CZ variants, Ruger 22/45, Browning Hi power and beretta 92.More models are being added all the time. They offer several patterns for each gun. Each pattern has a unique feel so you can get exactly what you want and fit your gun to your hand. Having a properly sized grip is essential to better shooting. The Ridge back and bogies are my favorites but if you’re looking for a thicker grip they have palm swell models available also.

Made with the perfect material

The grips come in G-10 construction providing a secure grip that will not degrade if your hands are sweaty or wet. They can be had in almost any color combination, from flat black (my preference) to bright orange. Many custom options are available as well such as a punisher logo or your guns manufacturers logo if that tickles your fancy.


Most options run between 50-75$ and will last a lifetime. I shoot with mine around 2000 rounds a month and have never had an issue with the grips coming loose or slipping. The screws provided with LOKs have an o-ring that acts as a lock washer to keep pressure on the screw and preventing it from backing out. This is one upgrade for your handgun that is highly affordable and 100% recommended.

Where to buy

For the best options and price I recommend checking out Amazon.

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