Bow hunting for beginners: Starting from scratch

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Bow hunting has been attracting newcomers lately with the popularity of hunters like Cameron Hanes and Joe Rogan doing their best to bring this lifestyle to light. I’ve been bow hunting since the age of 13 and seeing this new uprise in popularity is really exciting to me. With more interest in anything comes brand new ideas and more competition in the industry. But, for a newcomer, seeing someone make a trip to Alaska to hunt Bear may seem completely impossible. So how do you get started from the very beginning? From picking out a bow within your budget, to tuning it and buying the minimum equipment required, to finding public land to hunt, this article will go through the steps you can take to begin an amazing journey and great memories.

Find a place  to hunt

The first thing I suggest for the brand new bow hunter is researching where you will be hunting. Anywhere in this great country of ours with a few hours drive you should be able to find a viable option.

Finding private land

The absolute CHEAPEST way to do this is to hunt someone’s private property that will give you permission. If you live somewhere around farm land or big parcels of property this can be a great deal. Most farmers and anyone with a garden are willing to let you hunt their land to manage the deer population that feeds on their crop. If the land owner isn’t someone you know, or are at least familiar with, I suggest approaching them very professionally and just ask!

Hunting Public Land

The next way that is still a lot cheaper than a hunting club is hunting wildlife management areas or public lands depending on your states hunting regulations. In Florida, the FWC website lists hundreds of management Areas that only require you to purchase a hunting license and a management area permit. Do a quick google search and see what your state requires for management area hunting and get started, in my state you can be ready to hunt for about 30$.

Buy a bow

The main component and a close second to number one is of course, a bow. When bow shopping online you will feel overwhelmed by the choices and prices but I will let you in on a secret. You don’t need the latest model flagship bow to kill a deer! My main bow is a Mathews dxt from 2010. The best place to shop for a used bow is online just like everything else.

First, do your research in an actual shop or with a friends bow so you could feel to see if you like it. Most bows made after around 2006 will give you the 80% let-off and be more forgiving using “current” technology. Stick to the main brands that are still relevant today such as pse, Hoyt, Mathews, or Bear. I see great deals online all the time on Craigslist and especially gunbroker. Remember, you will pay around 100$ extra to get your draw length fit to you and your bow tuned. So budget accordingly! A fantastic starter bow is the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro package found HERE on Amazon for less than $400.

Arrows, broadheads and accesories

The next three things go together and are all just as necessary as the first two. You need arrows and broad heads. The arrow market is so cluttered now days it’s hard for a newcomer to find what they actually need. But here’s secret number 2. I hunted for years using SPEED FREAKS from Walmart. Now it’s way cheaper to buy online and save the gas money and get a better price. Broad heads are the one thing I wouldn’t skimp on, I highly recommend RAGE two blade, 2 inch, chisel tip broad heads. I used these for years and had pass throughs for 90% of my deer. The third part of this is a release. Any release will do, and will greatly improve your accuracy.

My last suggestion for things to buy is a tree stand. Recently I bought-

THIS LOCK ON STAND and I’ve had great luck with it, highly affordable and easy to move in and out of. You can hunt from the ground but you will have less success and will not enjoy the addiction as much. These things are a necessity for me.

Learn how to hunt from a pro

My last suggestion is to invest in your self. Grow your knowledge and don’t be afraid to spend a little money doing it. There are thousands of videos on YouTube for hunting but spending less than 50$ for THIS GUIDE will teach you more than if you watched them all. It will teach you the habits of deer and patterns that most seasoned hunters have  never thought about.

Start today

It’s time for you to stop coming home from work and sitting on the couch! Get inspired! Stop watching videos of other men and women living their lives to the fullest and get out there! Bow hunting has become a lifelong learning experience for me, the experiences and memories are ones that I will have for the rest of my life. The adrenaline rush that comes with even seeing a deer in its natural habitat will have you returning year after year, slowly gaining experience and new equipment, but for now, follow my links to get started and GET OUT THERE.

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