CBE Tek Hybrid Pro Single Pin review

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For anyone serious about bowhunting or archery the sight you chose can make a big difference in your accuracy potential. Being an avid bowhunter I wanted to upgrade my sight for the upcoming deer season here in Florida. I recently purchased a CBE Tek Hybrid Pro. I have the single pin model with .019 pin size and dovetail mount. All the pictures and information found here will be pertaining to this sight.

Features and Build quality

  • interchangeable laser engraved aluminum yardage scales.
  • Third axis block
  • 4″ Dovetail mount
  • Full aluminum construction It is still rather heavy though
  • 12″ of fiber optic per pin- It stays bright well after I am able to see my target
  • Rapid drive knob -This makes is very easy to adjust yardage
  • Delrin tracks make it noise free- The operation is very smooth and quiet. No rattling or creaking is present when I change yardage or move my sight.
  • Enclosed rheostat light- This may seem small, but there is no light showing in the housing when the light is on. It just lights up your pin making less distraction. I really like this feature.
  • Stainless steel indicator needle and bolts- Hopefully no rust after a few seasons of rainy hunts. I haven’t had this sight long enough to comment on this but the quality of the sight is fantastic and I don’t suspect any problems.
  • The bubble level is oversized and very easy to see- great for faster shots because I can see the level while I am focused on my pin.
  • The sight has friction locks for every adjustment knob.

Where to buy

Comparing prices online you can find great deals. Compare for yourself but check HERE for the best price I could find.

Sighting in your Tek Hybrid Pro

This sight is one of the most user-friendly options I have ever tried. I recommend not trusting any data you find online that calculates your site plate for you. Use YOUR arrows and shoot at known distances to make your own calculations. The online calculators for my bow were slightly off and I see the same complaint on most forums.

Quick modified french tune

I started by Doing a quick modified French tune with my sight installed on my bow. This involves shooting a string at 3ft and 9ft. If you start with a paper tuned bow and take your time it can usually be done in about 15 minutes. This will ensure that your sight and rest are tuned so that as you shoot longer distances your arrows will impact in a verticle line. That way your arrows are not impacting further to the left or right as your move back from your target.

  • Grab a block target and hang a string from it with a plumb weight at the bottom.(just tie a washer to a piece of string and hang it from your target) This will ensure your string is perfectly vertical and level during the tuning.
  • Take a few shots at your string from 3 feet. Move your Sight until you are center punching your string.
  • Move back to 9 feet and this time move your rest the opposite way from the arrow impact until you are hitting the string consistently.
  • Once you have consistent impacts on your string you can walk back to 20 yards and make sure you are still impacting your string.
  • Depending on skill level the longer shots may be off-center but you should be able to tell fairly easily if you need more adjustment.
  • Ensure your bubble level is centered before every shot.
  • Concentrate on perfect form. Torquing your wrist or pulling shots will show big time when french tuning.
  • Remember to make MICRO adjustments. This is meant to ensure your sight and rest are level so that on longer shots you are not impacting right or left of bullseye.

Finding the right yardage plate

CBE yardage plates

I found the correct yardage plate by first sighting my bow in at 20 yards. Use the back of the number 15 sight plate. It comes with a white paper surface that you can write on. All the plates use the same start point for 20 yards. If you mark your white paper were that 20 yard mark starts on the other plates you can save yourself some headache. Just lay your blank white plate beside another one and mark straight across where the 20 yard mark is on another plate.

Once you have your 20 yard mark made you can install the white plate on your sight. You will want to move you pointer to your 20 yard mark on the white plate. This means that when sighting in you will be moving the whole front housing to get your 20 yard pin set correctly. Also, since you marked the white plate at the same point as the other plates, when you change them out your 20 yard point will be dead on.

I failed to mark my white plate at first and it added extra steps. Just remember, if you mark your white plate at the same place the other plates start at 20 yards, and then move the whole sight body to where the pointer shows 20 yards and you are hitting bullseye, when you swap plates out for your chosen one you will already have your 20 yard set.

Shoot at 60 yards to use the provided plate tool

Once your 20 yard mark is found and you will need to shoot your bow at 60 yards if you want to use the provided tool. All you need to do is find where you pointer is on the white plate at 60 yards and mark it. Then you take the red tool provided and match up the distance between the 30 yard mark and the 60 yard mark. This will have a number beside it showing you what plate to install on your sight.

This all seems like a lot of work but it can be done in about 12 shots. Once you get your recommended plate installed verify at different yardages. I noticed that I was hitting low at 40 yards and was dead on at 60. Since I do more bow hunting at 40 yards and closer I chose to change out my plate for one that is dead on from 20-50 yards.

If you do not have a 60 yard range

It’s not necessary to shoot 60 yards if you do not have room to do so. The sight comes with stickers that can be used in a pinch. Just sight in your pin to whatever distance you have available. Hold the sticker up to your sight marker pin and see what sticker is showing the yardage you are shooting. So if you only have 45 yards just max out and find where your pin is showing 45. Whatever sight tape is showing 45 yards is your correct one! It really is an easy task. I made my adjustments and had the correct plate installed in less than 30 minutes.

Tek hybrid pro picture

Hunting with the CBE Tek Hybrid Pro

One thing I love about this sight is the locking features. The friction locks on the sight are not strong enough to prevent you from moving your pin if you forget to unlock it under stress. So if you are set at 20 yards and have to move to 30 when you have a bad case of Buck Fever you can still do so. However, the locks are strong enough to keep your front seat from moving your sight all around if you don’t have your bow in a case on the way to your stand.

While you will be able to see what yardage you are set at we all know sometimes it can be easy to forget in the moment. So practice with your sight and get accustomed to checking your distance on every shot. This will ensure pinpoint accuracy and humane shots on animals.

CBE single pin sight

Single Pin Bow Sights For Hunting

The single pin option is the only CBE I have experience with. The .019 pin size is fantastic for getting the most accuracy out of your bow. With only 1 pin to focus on it cleans up your sight picture and allows you to focus on your target. I have used a single pin sight for the last 4 years bowhunting. After practicing with it checking your yardage becomes second nature.

I have read a lot online where hunters that are accustomed to using a multi pin sight are scared they will forget to move the pin. That has never been a problem for me. Like I said, once you practice it becomes second nature to check your pin before shooting. Make it part of your shooting cycle every time and you will not have any issue. Once you see how much easier it is to be accurate with a single pin sight you will never go back to a 3 or 5 pin.

If you hunt with a multi-pin sight and use a rangefinder, a single pin sight can also allow you to dial in specific yardages. So if a deer is 45 yards out you do not have to hold high with a 40 yard pin and guess. You just rotate your knob and place your pin on 45 yards and take a perfect shot. While 45 yards is the max distance I would take a shot on an animal, it will feel good knowing you do not have to guess at distances between pins any longer.


Bowhunting practice shots

 Cons: and fixes

I was not 100% happy with this sight as it came out of the box. For bowhunters, particularly those without 20/20 vision the yardage plates can be difficult to read. This problem is compounded if you hunt from a blind or toward the evening hours. By marking your 20-50 yard marks with a dab of white-out or a paint marker you can easily see your main yardage. If you look at the picture of my sight you can see where I added small marks for this reason.

This sight is also heavier than traditional multi pin sights. With aluminum construction makes is as light as possible but the weight is further forward than most.

Overall the CBE Tek Hybrid Pro is a great sight

I will be using it for many years in the bowhunting woods. The best place to buy is Amazon. After writing this article I compared prices and Amazon is around $40-80 cheaper than anywhere else. I am putting a link to it HERE so you can purchase your own at the best price available if you are considering purchasing.

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