The best bow for an 8 year old

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Buying a bow for a child can be tricky. Wading through draw weights and lengths, trying to decide on compound or traditional. There is one clear choice that is not only easy on the wallet but they will never outgrow it.

What is the best bow for an 8-year-old

It is universally agreed that a compound bow is more efficient and accurate than a traditional bow. By the time your son or daughter reaches the age of 8 there are several great options for compound bows available. When shopping for a child you must take into account the rate they are growing. A bow should be sized to the shooter for draw length and weight. This is the distance the bow must be pulled and the pounds of force it will take to draw the bow. If you want to spend a couple hundred dollars on a bow every year just like buying shoes for your kids then that is one option. Option 2 is buying the most adjustable and budget friendly bow on the market today that they will never out-grow.

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Compound Bow

  • Adjustable draw length from 13″- 31″
  • Adjustable draw weight from 5-70 Lbs.
  • Package includes: Infinite Edge Pro Bow, 3-Pin tundra sight, hostage XL arrow rest, DeadLock lite octane quiver, tube peep sight, BCY string loop, comfort wrist sling, and 5″ ultra-lite octane stabilizer
  • Ideal for archers of any size
  • Solid back wall for increased accuracy
  • With a top arrow speed of 310 fps it can be used to hunt big game
  • Most important can be purchased for around 300$

Buy a bow they can use for Lifetime

With a draw length adjustable from 13-31 inches this bow will fit almost anyone. I hunt big game with my bow and my draw length is only 28 inches. The draw length should be set properly for your child if you want them to shoot comfortably and safely. This bow can also be adjusted from 5-70 lbs of draw weight. This basically means they will not outgrow the bow. My current deer hunting bow is set at 60 lbs. With a 70 pound max weight this bow can be used to shoot any reasonably distanced target and take any game in North America if you want to get into bow hunting.

Getting started with the bow

When you buy the Diamond Infinite package it comes with everything you need to begin shooting. Simply buy the bow and have it set to your child’s draw length. The length of draw requires a bow press to change but most archery shops will do this for around $20 (it takes about 5 minutes). The draw weight is user adjustable by using an allen wrench to torque the limb bolts down tighter. I suggest buying the bow for the best price HERE then taking it to the closest archery shop with your child and have them set the proper draw length.

Buy a release

When your child starts out they will be pulling a low draw weight. This will make it possible for them to use their fingers on the string and still be accurate. However, once they grow and are able to pull upwards of 50-60 pounds it will be very uncomfortable and nearly impossible to use just fingers. You will be much better served to buy a release now so they can begin perfecting their technique for later on in life. If you let them shoot with fingers they will have to relearn everything once they switch to a release. Do your child a favor and start them off on the right foot.

I suggest a cheap and simple release like the trufire smoke for 27$ on amazon.

Do not buy a bow that is not highly adjustable for a child. You will end up replacing it within the next year once they outgrow it. Buy the infinite Edge Pro package and a release. After that find them a place to shoot where they can learn safely and start a lifelong love for archery.


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