Millennium M25 tree stand review

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Millennium tree stand

The Millennium M25 is a fantastic tree stand for the money.

How comfortable is it?

This is the most comfortable tree stand I have ever hunted from. When shopping for a stand this is always my number 1 concern. The more comfort you can squeeze out of your chosen stand the more successful you’ll be. Sitting in a stand that will cause your buttocks to hurt will cause you to move more. That’s the last thing you want to be doing in a tree stand. The seat on the Millennium is a tough but comfortable material suspended and secured between the metal arms of the edges.


The millennium style seat is the perfect blend between comfort and weight. Carrying a sofa into the woods may give you a better feel but lugging it in may be a chore. With the lightweight design of only fabric with no hard metal surfaces to sit on, this style seat is the best way to be comfortable and not break your back carrying it in the woods.


Durable, Dark and Quiet

These are my second criteria for the perfect stand. I need something that’ll last for years and won’t make loud metal on metal noises. The M25 is made using high quality aluminum and steel. The paint used is glare free and there are no shiny exposed bolts to alert more seasoned game.


There are soft plastic washers installed between every joint where two metal pieces connect. This allows you to raise and lower your seat and remain quiet. It also remains silent when you go from sitting to standing to draw a bow. Some stands have noisy cushions that I usually remove for noise purposes. Millenniums have the advantage of being a perfect blend between comfort and ninja-like noise control.

Perfect for budget minded hunters

This stand can be purchased online for around $60. I searched around and did some research to find the best price and I found a great deal through THIS LINK. Another great benefit is the stand includes a hunting safety harness and a stick line. Those two items alone will cost over $20 if bought separately. Add in some budget 20ft sticks and you will be ready to hunt.

Installing on a tree

First, getting the stand to a tree is easy. With a total weight of 20lbs it’s great for a deep public land hunting trip to big buck territory. The chain installed from the factory allows you to make a quick connection to your chosen tree. Then you just use the included ratchet strap to lock it securely. It took me about 10 minutes to hang my Millennium the first time. Now that I’ve done it for several seasons I’m even faster.

The silent advantage

Everything about this stand is quiet. The seat doesn’t creek or squek when you adjust. There is no climbing noise like when you use a traditional climbing stand. You just arrive at your stand, climb up and sit still. After switching to a Millennium lock on I could sit longer and felt safer and more secure that before. Try one for yourself.

If you’re a fan already or if you bought a millennium and love it, leave a comment below so others can understand the Millennium advantage.

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