Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Review

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The Perfect knife for every day carry and hunting

I began looking for the perfect knife several years ago. I needed a blade that could perform several tasks. I had several requirements when searching for this perfect blade.

  • First, I wanted a fixed blade knife simply for the added strength in design while processing deer.
  • Second, I needed something practically sized for every day carry.
  • Third, I was looking for a lifetime investment. I wanted a knife that would last years under harsh conditions.
  • Most importantly, this knife had to be affordable.

The Hidden Canyon Hunter by Benchmade KnivesBenchmade hidden canyon hunter

Let me begin by saying this is not your typical fixed blade knife. Here are a few specifics before I get into my personal review.

  • Blade Steel- CPM-S30V
  • Blade length- 2.67″
  • Blade thickness- 0.140″ or 3.56mm
  • Total length- 6.32″
  • handle thickness- 0.58″
  • Weight- An incredibly light 3.19oz

The perfect skinning knife for hunters

While the blade on the hidden canyon hunter looks very short it excels at skinning for a few reasons. The large applied blade radius excels at skinning and meat removal. You will notice the big swoop the blade edge makes in my pictures. This makes the 2.67″ blade edge last longer than most knives you may use for processing game. The point is the perfect blend between being too sharp making it easy to puncture into meat you do not wish to cut and being too blunt preventing other tasks.

Benchmade hidden canyon hunter in hand

A short and balanced profile really gives you added control. Where you will really notice a difference is when you need to cut joints in a big game animal. The knife’s strong spine and thick blade make it feel effortless and stout in the hand. With a stainless blade you don’t have to worry about corrosion from blood or sweat.

What makes this knife stand out?

The sheath that comes with the Hidden Valley Hunter sits almost horizontally on your belt. I wear this knife daily at about 2:30 on my right side. This lets the knife sit angling down by my front pocket where a pocket knife would. However, it keeps the knife out of my pocket where I carry my car keys and phone. A horizontal sheath design really hides this knife under a shirt as well so no need to feel self conscious about a big knife bringing you unwanted attention.

Hidden canyon hunter on belt

There is a cool factor associated with this knife as well. I’ve had more of my friends ask to see this knife than any other I’ve owned in my life. There is something about a well-worn leather sheath and wooden handles on a fixed blade knife that really grabs people’s attention.

What options are available?

There are currently two versions of this knife readily available. The first comes with smooth wood handles and a leather sheath. This version is what I carry daily and in my opinion it looks great once it wears some. Benchmade also offers a version with a kydex sheath and G10 handles. Either one will serve you very well in both the deer woods and opening boxes or mail packages.

I truly believe this is the best all-around knife for sportsmen. The light weight will make you forget it’s on your belt. When it comes time to do work either on a deer or on an envelope you will be very happen with this purchase.

Where should you buy the hidden canyon hunter?

I would appreciate it if you would use my link below to purchase through Amazon. Using my link I will receive a small commission that will help support this website and you will get a great price.

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