Hawk Helium climbing stick review

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I spent around 2 weeks researching new climbing sticks before the 2018 bow season started. I compared the sticks that most hunters would consider purchasing. Nothing heavy and cheap but instead the lightweight top of the line models.

Why the Helium Sticks

The most popular climbing sticks I see in the back of hunters trucks or strapped to a stand are the lone wolf versions. Extremely lightweight and packable they have a few downsides. They are expensive and they only have single steps preventing me from standing with both feet level when hanging my stand. The Hawk Helium sticks remedy both of these cons by coming in 40$ cheaper per set of 3 sticks and having 3 double sided steps along each stick.

Hawk Helium sticks stacked together

The Hawk Helium sticks are easily stacked to pack on a stand for long distance walks. As you can see by this picture the sticks stay together quietly and only create minimum mass.

Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks

Here are 4 Hawk sticks packed on a Millennium M7 stand. This combination is great for hunters who like to pack in to deep woods in search of big giant bucks.

The lightest most affordable climbing sticks available.

The Hawk Helium sticks are the perfect combination of affordability and light weight. When purchasing climbing sticks I quickly realized I could spend $30 and carry in 30 lbs worth of bulky sticks or I could spend a few hundred and carry in 8 pounds or less. Finding the perfect blend is the key. The Hawk Helium steps weigh in at 1.8 lbs each and a pack of 3 can be found around 100$. Compare that to Lobe wolf and you will see they’re slightly heavier but come in $50 cheaper per 3 pack. When you realize they have double sided steps the added weight is easy to justify.

The best climbing sticks on the market

Overall the Hawk Helium climbing sticks are the best option available today. The weight vs cost vs functionality make them a no-brainer decision.


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