Millennium M7 microlite review and mods

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When looking for a new tree stand I prefer the versatility of a lock on. The upside to a lock on is you don’t have to find a perfectly straight tree with no limbs in order to hunt an area. Another prerequisite for a perfect lock on is a lightweight design with a small and easily packable footprint. With these three requirements I began looking for a new stand to use this upcoming bow season.

A packable tree stand for mobile hunting

Finding big giant bucks when hunting heavily pressured areas usually requires packing a stand into hard to reach areas not hunted by everyone. The M7 weighs in at 8.5 lbs making it one of the lightest options on the market today. It comes out of the box with upgraded backpack straps already attached. These straps paired with the light weight make the M7 easy to carry for miles in almost any condition. Pairing it with 4 Hawk Helium climbing sticks results in a compact and capable climbing package ready to go up any tree capable of holding your weight.

Where to buy an M7

I searched the internet for the best price comparing all the lightest stands. I chose to buy mine from Amazon. It is much cheaper than options from Lone Wolf and the other top manufacturers. Click THIS LINK to see the pricing on amazon.

What would I change about the stand.

As it comes out of the box the M7 is a very capable hunting platform. However, I will be making two upgrades to make it just a little more user friendly for me. The ratchet strap provided is strong and capable but not the quietest way to attach a stand. I plan on installing a friction type strap from a lone wolf step to create less noise on walk in style hunts.

If you read other reviews you will see folks complaining that you can lose the seat bolt when hanging the stand. But, I see no reason to create a possible hunt- ending problem. I will be packing the stand in with the seat flipped up and ready to be mounted on a tree. This will not cause any issues when packing in and will prevent me from possibly dropping the screw when hanging the stand. Millennium M7 microlite

Hanging the millennium M7

The stand is very quiet to hang with the bracket that comes with the package. I can climb with the stand on my back and then attach the mount facing my preferred direction. Once the bracket is on the tree you can slide the male side of the attachment into the receiver attached to the tree and you’re ready to hunt. This is much easier than trying to hold the stand up while simultaneously tightening a strap.

M7 mounting bracket

Because I don’t have to hold the weight of the stand I am able to set the strap tighter around the tree and “aim” my stand in any direction I wish to optimize my view and camouflage.

Final thoughts on the M7

Overall I think this is the perfect stand for a mobile hunter. Anyone who hunts public land or needs to hike into hard to reach areas will enjoy the M7. Due to the lightweight but strong design I’m able to walk in silently and set up quickly. I will be hunting with this stand for a couple seasons at least to test the durability. As of now I have no complaints to speak of.


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