Ameristep Brickhouse Blind review

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I have been bow hunting Whitetail Deer since I was 13 years old. The only way I’ve ever chose to hunt was from a tree stand. This past year I found a different way that in some cases can be more productive for the deep woods bowhunter.


What are the advantages to ground blind hunting?

  • Quiet entry no climbing required
  • Hidden movement you are protected from being seen from all sides
  • Fast setup for turkey sets you can be ready to hunt in 3 minutes
  • No trees required everyone has had to abandon a great spot before

Why did I buy the Ameristep Brickhouse blind

When shopping for a hunting blind I had a few specific requirements. The blind had to be relatively lightweight, be available in a dark camo pattern, have enough room for 2 hunters, and of course be affordable. This being my first ground blind I was very surprised at how many options are on the market today.

Where to buy the Brickhouse

I bought my blind from amazon. Click the link below to buy it. With the internet being the cheapest place now days to buy almost anything, unless you have a local shop owner that you want to support.

Ameristep Brickhouse shoot through mesh windows

Ameristep shoot through mesh windows

The Brickhouse has windows that are advertised at shoot through. This means you should be able to accurately send an arrow through the mesh windows without letting in those pesky mosquitos everyone is so fond of in warmer months. I made a quick video showing how these windows perform and after testing them I can say I would trust that I could make a great shot through one. The windows are the same camo pattern as the rest of the blind. As long as you stay aware of your back lighting you can stay well hidden and be able to come to full draw without spooking your target animal.

Setting up your hunting blind

This blind comes with a shoulder bag that makes transporting it very easy. During the 2018 season I had it setup about 3/4 mile from my parking spot. I did not carry it in and out every hunt. Instead, I recommend setting any blind up at least a few weeks before bow season. Brush in your blind with fallen limbs and be mindful of your shooting lanes. Open all your windows and be sure you have the blind exactly how you want it before the morning of a hunt. The windows still have mesh and the door can be opened silently, so you can have it setup for a hunt but also prevent unwanted 8 legged friends from joining your hunting blind in the season to come.

Ease of use

The Ameristep Brickhouse is a hub style blind. All you need to do to set it up is press out on the center of the walls and roof until they lock outward. This can be a noisy process which is why I recommend you have it setup before opening season. There are no separate poles or hard to understand processes. Just press out on 5 hubs and you’re ready to brush in your blind. The whole setup process will only take about 3 minutes your first time.

Being a successful hunter

Every successful bowhunter knows getting in your setup silently and early makes for better odds. If you have read my article on the Millennium Ultralight stand paired with a set of climbing sticks you know that is the best option for a portable stand. However, every great hunting spot is not always in bow range of a tree strong enough to support you. For those areas where anything makes an arrow from above an impossible feat, the hunting blind is a perfect addition. Pick one up to add to your toolbox today and give yourself options for the 2019 hunting season.

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