Outdoor Edge Razor-pro and saw review

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The best knife combination for processing game in the backwoods

Outdoor edge razor pro and flip n zip combo

The very best knife for skinning deer or cleaning fish is the Outdoor Edge razor pro/ saw combo. It is the perfect addition to your hunting pack, or tackle box. Outdoor Edge really knocked it out of the park with this combination. The sheath itself comes in a dark camo pattern with their logo on the flap. Inside the pouch you will be able to carry the main knife, 5 replacement blades and the folding bone saw they call the Flip n Zip.

Outdoor Edge razor pro

An Honest review

I love this knife. I’ve been using it for about 10 months now and used it to process 3 deer and countless fish. The best part about owning it is always having a razor-sharp blade no matter where you are. Let’s face the facts, every outdoorsman knows having a sharp knife is key to field dressing animals. But how many times have you needed your knife to be sharper than its current state and had no way to hone the blade because you were either on your boat or in the woods away from home?

Outdoor edge razor pro

Replaceable blades

When you’re out on the boat or in the woods field dressing game, sharpening is not always an option. With this knife you just depress the textured button on the side and pull straight out on the blade. This allows the blade to be replaced with a razor-sharp one. The razor pro comes with 5 replacement blades. These blades are individually sealed in their own vacuum sealed packaging. Best part is the blades easily ride in the rearmost compartment of the sheath so you will always have your spares with you when you need them.

Other great things about the Razor-Pro

While the sheath is camouflaged, the two knives can be bought in bright orange. This is the color I chose so that if i ever dropped them in the woods they could be found easily if I had to retrace my steps. There is also a razor-sharp skinning blade on the back of the knife. The point of this extra blade is rounded and I found it is the perfect shape for the main cut up the center of a deer when field dressing. It will not accidentally penetrate the abdominal cavity of a deer due to the shape.

Outdoor Edge Flip n Zip

The flip n zip is a very lightweight folding saw with stainless steel blade and aluminum scales. At the end of the blade there is a curled down dull stopper to prevent you from drawing the blade too far and coming out of your cut. For field dressing this is the perfect tool for busting through sternum. I have also used mine on leg joints and cartilage that is too tough for my knife. The small size and portability of the flip n zip are second to none for a hunter. The blade is very thin, think 1/16th inch and as the name implies it zips through bone without much hassle.

Price and where to buy it

If you’re interested in picking one of these up for yourself they are around 65$. For that price you get the main knife, 5 replacement blades, the saw and the sheath. Outdoor edge has a few different options all with the same blade design for cheaper. If you want to see this knife and check out their other knives available click HERE. 




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