Trufire smoke release review: accurate and affordable

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TruFire smoke review

First, let me start by saying I use the Trufire Smoke to do everything from hunting Whitetail deer to shooting the Total Archery Challenge. This release is my go to for when the shot counts in the tree stand or just when targets are my prey. I personally own the release so this is my no-nonsense opinion on why you should buy one also.

Trufire Smoke advantages: Things to consider when purchasing

  • ambidextrous design I am right-handed but the release can be used by lefties also
  • Adjustable trigger travel – You can customize the feel of your trigger for more comfort
  • Fold back design – allows an archer to keep the release out of the way while hunting until they are ready to draw
  • Robust design – the trigger mechanism is made from the same hardness materials, preventing premature wear
  • Thorough testing by Trufire – this release was tested with a 200 pound draw for 20,000 cycles during development, it will last a lifetime
  • Very accurate – I consistently shoot 2 inch groups at 25 yards with this release
  • No velcro design Keeps your draw quiet when hunting, quiet adjustments in the stand


Trufire Smoke: the best bow hunting release for the money

The smoke is designed with no hook and loop style straps. The most important thing for me for hunting is silent design. The leather-like wrist strap is fastened by a buckle that will ensure you stay quiet. When you draw a release with Velcro fasteners you will hear some of the material tear apart every time. The Smoke also has a fold back design allowing you to climb, rattle, or call silently with both hands keeping the release out of the way but still accessible in a flash.

Trufire Smoke Accuracy

The biggest factor for being accurate with a bow is repeating the same standards every shot. Everything from sight alignment and picture, to anchor point and release pressure etc, need to be consistent to achieve the best results. The buckle style wrist strap will allow an archer to get the same feeling every time you put it on. The problem with hook and loop style releases is you get a different tension every time you wear it which deminishes your accuracy. If you buckle through the same hole every time you will prevent this with the Smoke. Having the same feel on every shot will help you with a consistent anchor point by giving you the same feeling on every shot. 

Trufire Smoke adjustability

Adjusting your release to fit your hand for comfortable back tension and anchor point is a huge factor for pinpoint accuracy. The Smoke allows me to adjust the trigger to fit perfectly. By trigger pull I do not mean pull weight, but rather pull travel. The trigger weight is not adjustable but it is however a clean break and very light. The release has 2 inches of travel adjustability to fit the smallest of hands to the biggest. I have rather large paws and I could still let my length out more. My wife also uses this release and has room to go smaller. This is a great release for female shooters also. The head of the release can be adjusted to 16 positions so you will find the perfect fit.

How the jaws operate on a Trufire Smoke

The other great hunting advantage of the smoke is the way the jaws operate. Pulling the trigger will open the jaws and releasing it will close them. They open up further than my old release which makes finding my D loop easier in low light conditions when the adrenaline is pumping. However even if you are not a hunter this release is much more user friendly than other options that lock open and require you to press the trigger forward to close the jaws.

The Best part about the Smoke release

I will cut right to it, the best part about this release is the price. At the time I am writing this review it is selling for 31$ on amazon. Click THIS LINK to check the current price. We spend so much money on arrows, broadheads, sights and so on, it’s great to know there is an inexpensive and durable release that will actually help improve your accuracy.


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