What is the best arrow insert for the money: gold tip 50 grain insert overview

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I started this deer season looking for an easy and affordable upgrade to my current arrows. I’m currently shooting a traditional bow, but this upgrade will do wonders for any archery setup. Whether you shoot a compound, recurve, or longbow, the absolute best insert on the market today is Gold Tip’s 50 grain aluminum insert.

lighter weight arrow insert equals bigger broadhead

Prior to upgrading, I was using 100 grain brass inserts and 125 grain broadheads. I wanted to keep the same weight up front because my arrows were tuned perfectly. By upgrading to 50 grain inserts, it allowed me to use a bigger broadhead. A bigger broadhead will generally have a higher mechanical advantage, thicker blades, or both. Some will have an increased cutting diameter as well. I chose Grizzly Stick’s 175 grain samurai single bevel heads and couldn’t be happier. Look at how much longer the cutting edge is on the samurai compared to my old cutthroat heads. The higher angle and single bevel edge guarantees more penetration. The increased length on the 50 grain insert adds strength to the arrow by creating a longer lever inside the arrow to allow flex when striking a target at an angle. Remember, both of these setups are 225 grains total weight.

Grizzly stick Samurai 175 vs cutthroat 125

Longer arrow inserts give you better structural integrity

If you’re currently using the small aluminum insert that comes standard in most arrows, this is a huge improvement. Look at the standard insert on the left. It will provide accuracy due to Gold Tip’s great quality control, but what about FOC and strength? There is obviously a lot to be gained in those two areas. To achieve the same weight up front, you would have to use at least a 200 grain broadhead. But if you chose this route, the head would create a strong lever from the tip. This could blow out the side of your arrow if you strike a hard target at an angle. I have also had more standard inserts fail due to the small surface area for my glue to bond with.

Gold tip 50 grain insert vs standard 12 grain insert

I want my hunting arrow inserts to be as strong as possible. Adding length to your arrow insert adds more surface area for your insert to bond to your arrow shaft. Take a look at the difference in length of the 50 grain insert in the photo. It’s triple the size of a standard insert. This gives you more bonding power so you will rarely, if ever, have an insert come out on your arrows.

Gold tip Fact weight compatibility with 50 grain inserts

 Another great feature of these 50 grain gold tip inserts is their ability to accept Gold Tip’s Fact weights. If you aren’t aware, Gold tip has 20-50 grain weights that can screw into the back of your inserts to add forward of center weight. This can be done without removing your insert with their Fact weight wrench. This is another great option if you don’t want to buy and install new inserts. You could add the screw in weights to the back of your installed insert and save some time. I used 50 grain Fact weights for 2 seasons and never had an issue with them loosening or causing any problems.

I appreciate your time reading my article. If you’re interested in upgrading to any Gold tip products, please click on my links in the article. They will take you directly to Amazon, and if you purchase, I will make a small percentage of the sale. It won’t cost you any more money, but it will help out my small business immensely. Please take a moment to check out my youtube channel Hoovers Outdoors as well, Thank you.

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