Review: T bird modular arrow saw

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One thing every bow hunter or archer should own is an arrow saw. They make it possible to fine tune your arrows for perfect flight and allow you to use any point weight you prefer. If you shoot traditional bows, you can even change your point on distance if you prefer to aim with your arrow. When I started looking for a new arrow saw, I wanted something that was portable, affordable, and would last more than a dozen arrows worth of work. Let me tell you about what I found.

Made in the USA arrow saw

The T Bird Modular arrow saw can be bought for around $200. When compared to other saws on the market this isn’t a bad price. There are several other budget options on the market such as the Weston and Decut models. Both of these are also around the same price. What sets the T bird apart is that it isn’t a foreign design or imported product. T bird makes their saws with locally made steel and aluminum components right in York Pennysylvania.

My experience after owning the saw for over a year

The T bird arrow saw has been great so far. I’ve owned this saw over a year so I feel confident in recommending it. The design allows me to pack it into a small 8×12 box during the off season to keep it out of the way. Setup takes about 2 minutes due to the simple design. You just screw the aluminum rods together by hand to form the chassis and attach your arrow stop and spin testers with an allen wrench.

The box T bird ships their saw in, complete with extra blade!

The T bird Modular arrow saw comes with attached spin testers to ensure your arrows spin true before and after adding your inserts and broadheads.

T bird archery spin testers

Adjusting cutting length with the T bird

Adjusting the cut length is easy with an extended length allen wrench. I simply loosen the allen bolt, slide the arrow stop to my preffered length and tighten it back down. I actually prefer this to other designs because I only move it a few times when I’m tuning my arrow. Once I know what length I want I can trust the allen screw and clamp will stay put through the process of cutting a dozen arrows to length.

Simply loosen the Allen bolt, and slide the arrow stop to your desired length
T bird modular arrow saw simple on/off switch

The motor spins at 8000 rpm, making it perfect for cutting carbon arrows. The power cord has an on/off switch that is easily reached when working with the saw. The design is simple and robust.

If you want to save $30, you can buy a Decut model from amazon by clicking HERE. However, if you’re like me and prefer to spend a little more for a US produced item that will last a lifetime, I would recommend this product. The T bird saw is easy to use, and you can feel great about supporting a small US business.

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