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Georgia Bow fishing Laws: Everything you need to know

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Bow fishing is becoming more popular every year, bringing new archers into this amazing sport. The first step to start bow fishing is to know the laws of your state before you ever go out on the water. Georgia is actually very good about putting their laws online to be found easily by anglers. For newcomers, I put the regulations …

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Best Bowfishing Arrows for the Money: Top 10

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  If you thought deer hunting was tough, try sneaking up on a carp in shallow water with full sun, getting about 10 feet away, and trying to account for refraction just to get a chance at a good shot.  In my mind, there is little more exciting and challenging in the hunting or fishing world than bowfishing.  It takes …

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Florida bowfishing laws: everything you need to know

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When you research Florida’s bowfishing laws you will not find much information on the FWC website. I have put together everything you need to know so that you can enjoy this fun sport and stay out of trouble with Florida’s FWC officers. ALSO READ: TOP 10 BOW-FISHING ARROWS FOR THE MONEY You need a fishing license to bowfish in Florida. Even …