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Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Review

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The Perfect knife for every day carry and hunting I began looking for the perfect knife several years ago. I needed a blade that could perform several tasks. I had several requirements when searching for this perfect blade. First, I wanted a fixed blade knife simply for the added strength in design while processing deer. Second, I needed something practically …

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Millennium M25 tree stand review

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The Millennium M25 is a fantastic tree stand for the money. How comfortable is it? This is the most comfortable tree stand I have ever hunted from. When shopping for a stand this is always my number 1 concern. The more comfort you can squeeze out of your chosen stand the more successful you’ll be. Sitting in a stand that …

7 affordable gift ideas for hunters

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It’s almost that time again! Christmas is right around the corner and there are over 15 million hunters living in the US. Chances are there is one in your life that would smile like a opossum after opening any of these gifts. Christmas will come and go but these 7 gifts will stay will your beloved hunter for a lifetime. …

How old kids need to be to safely shoot a bow

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Starting in archery is no different than any other sport. As long as your child can stay focused long enough to learn proper technique they are old enough to shoot a bow. I got my first bow when I was 5 years old. However, my parents started me out with a wooden longbow and then a compound bow that was …

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What is a bow release: quick guide to arrow release aids

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A bow release or a release aid is a device that allows an archer to use a mechanical trigger to release the bow string instead of their fingers to improve accuracy. What are the different types of bow release aids available For compound bow shooters there are 4 different types of releases. index finger trigger thumb trigger back tension resistance …