Timeless Advice for a New Fly Fisherman

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Whether your favorite trout river is a crowded park with a horn signaling the start of the day, a tailwater fishery, or a remote mountain stream, there are some rules for catching fish that remain constant. Old fly fishermen have passed these key guidelines on to young fly fishermen for generations. Take time to study the river More fish are …

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Portable fishing kit for your vehicle

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Lately I’ve noticed a trend when I log into Facebook or Instagram. I see countless ads for the “pen fishing Rod”. It’s basically a pocket-sized fishing rod that you can supposedly take with you anywhere. Every time I see this ad I chuckle a little at the thought of buying one. I want to give you my advice on the …

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Tips for Fly Fishing

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  So it is probably warm outside and you want to blow off some steam, take some time off work to finally try out fly fishing. Or you have a bunch of friends who plan to find a nice quiet place outside of the city and hunt for fish in the rivers. But the cusp of the problem is that …

What is the best bait caster for the money?

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The best bait caster for the money is a Kast King Speed demon Pro. Kast king reels are built using cnc aluminum, and carbon fiber drag components. Super fast gear ratio for stronger hook ups also. When you start cranking a big bass in you’ll see the difference! Find it with free shipping by clicking below!!!I spent years spending money on …